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Estuary detail

Below is an interactive map and a table of parameters derived through various sources – Nature Conservancy Council (Davidson et al, 1991), EMPHASYS (2000c), Dyer (2002) in Futurecoast and Townend (2005). The data is indicative of recently determined bulk properties suitable for broadscale intercomparison of estuaries.

Alternatively take a look at the Estuaries Database Viewer.

ID 112 
Name of estuary Blackwater Estuary 
Alternative name  
Grid reference TL955075  
WFD water body ID GB520503714000  
WFD water body name Blackwater  
Magic URL link Link 1 
JNCC classification Coastal Plain  
Updated classification Spit Enclosed   read more on estuary classification..
Tidal classification Macrotidal  
Tidal range (m) 4.6  
Mean river flow (m3/s) 3.09  
Low river flow (m3/s) 1.14  
High river flow (m3/s) 7.75  
Area of basin (Ha) 5184.3  
Intertidal area (Ha) 3320  
Shoreline length (km) 107.5  
Channel length (km) 21.3  
Mouth width (m) 2850  
Valley width (m) 6000  
Volume at mean tide level (m3) 109882026  
Surface area at mean tide level (m2) 28467684  
CSA at mean tide level (m2)  
Volume at low water (m3)  
Surface area at low water (m2)  
CSA at low water (m2) 8778 
Volume at high water (m3)  
Surface area at high water (m3)  
CSA at high water (m2) 20419 
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