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Floating menu Expand section

This menu is available in the generic sections of the guide. It is designed to float in the top left or right of the screen as you scroll down a page. This has the advantage of providing a method of navigation at all times to move between the chapters and a quick way to return to the top of the page. There are two ways to navigate through the guide. The first is by using a content menu (navigate by clicking on links)

Example of content menu

and the second is by using a flow structure menu outlined at the beginning of each chapter (navigate by clicking on images).

Example of flow menu

The menu is controlled by a by a top control panel. In it's closed state it looks like Menu closed and when open looks like Menu open. The icons functions are described below.

Icon Function
Top of the page Top of the page
Open the menu Open the menu
Menu stays on the left of the screen Menu stays on the left of the screen
Show flow structure Show flow structure
Show content structure Show content structure
Menu stays on the right of the screen Menu stays on the right of the screen
Close the menu Close the menu

Text sizing Expand section

On the top right of the page below the header is a blue area which contains a text sizing function that likes like Text resizing. You can click on the A's to change the font size you view on the page.

It is worth noting that there are other ways to change font size.
The quickest way to change font sizes in your browser is to hold the Ctrl button and then scroll your mouse wheel up and down. For more information go to this useful accessibility section on the BBC website.

Screen colour Expand section

On the top right of the page below the header is a blue area which contains Text resizing. Clicking on the "HV" changes the site layout to a high visibility view, which may assist with the readability of the content. Clicking on the "N" returns the view back to the default layout.

Downloadable PDFs Expand section

There are PDF documents available for the three main areas within the site:

Where possible in the above documents there are internal hyperlinks provided to allow navigation between the documents to enhance a user's 'offline' experience. Therefore it is important to download all documents you require (it is easier to download the zip archives for the main guide sections) and put all of the documents into the same local directory.

The main entry point for the main guide is a document called:

The main entry point for the analysis and modelling guide is a document called:

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