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Estuaries Research Programme Phase 2 dissemination

FD2117 Estuary Simulator and FD2107 Hybrid Estuary Morphological Modelling (July 2007)

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Download the FD2117 leaflet | Download the FD2107 leaflet - Warning these are in leaflet format!

10:30 –
The EA / Defra R&D Programme and the Estuaries Research Programme - 121KB Suresh Surendran. Environment Agency
Introduction to the Day. Richard Whitehouse, HRW.
10:55 –
13 :00
Session 1:FD2117 – Development and Demonstration of Systems Based Estuary Simulators (EstSim) Chair: Alun Williams, ABPmer
The EstSim Project: Introduction - 271KB Alun Williams, ABPmer
The Prototype Simulator Interface. Kevin Morris, Discovery Software
The Systems Approach - 687KB Alun Williams, ABPmer
Simulation Rationale Jon French, UCL
Pilot Testing:  Thames  Estuary and Teign Estuary - 187KB Richard Whitehouse, HRW
Capabilities and Limitations - 114KB Ian Townend

13.50 -
Session 2:
FD2107 - Development of Estuary Morphological Models
Chair: John Huthnance (POL)
Project Introduction - 777KB Andrew Lane, POL
Morphological predictions and impacts based on hydrodynamics, inc. managed realignment models - 644KB | video1 | video2 Richard Soulsby, HRW
“Hybrid” models - 1.15MB Adrian Wright, ABPmer
Inverse model - 2.65MB Dominic Reeve, Univ. Plymouth
Model Applications to Mersey, Dee, Ribble, Tamar, Humber, Blackwater, Southampton Water, Tollesbury Creek - 306KB John Huthnance, POL

16:15 -
Session 3: Morphological Model Application and Testing / The Way Forward Chair:  Richard Whitehouse (HRW)
Morphological Model Application: Thames Estuary - 494KB Jez Spearman, HRW
The Way forward - Development and Dissemination of Estuary Research Programme (FD2119) 130KB Richard Whitehouse, HRW
Structured discussion  
17:30 -
Hands on demonstrations  

FD2116 Estuary Geomorphology

Presentation given by Richard Whitehouse at the Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Conference July 2005 in York 1.56MB

FD1905 Estuary Processes (EstProc)

Presentation given by Richard Whitehouse at the Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Conference July 2003 in Keele 3.88MB


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